Thesis: Introduction to Dell

Sample Thesis Paper

“Examples of partnership innovation management extend in both directions of the supply chain. They include supplier relationship management such as that demonstrated between Dells… For Dell the partnership arrangements create a number of benefits; the ability to leverage suppliers’ tangible and intangible assets together with ability to reduce the company’s operating cycle and cash cycle has created huge competitive advantage for the company” (Walters & Rainbird, 2007).

Dell was formed by Michael Dell in the mid 1980s with the intention of being the first computer selling to company that would sell computers directly to customers. Dell’s products and services can be classified into six broad categories. These are Personal Computers, software and peripherals, services, mobility products, networking and servers as well as storage. Dell boasts a human capital of over 78,900 Dell and is currently one of the United States’ leading technology companies (Data Monitor, 2009). Dell boasts of an exceptionally strong brand value and holds a significantly robust market position with opportunities in expansion into channels of indirect sales.

By selling to end users, Dell has always made sure that is has access to information that it can use to manage its inventory better. This allows Dell to reduce operational costs it would have otherwise incurred on account of holding inventory. Dell’s business model is one that is based on a highly integrated approach. The business model continues to evolve while taking advantage of lean manufacturing and extensive benchmarking of operations.

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