Thesis: Introduction to Tesco

Sample Thesis Paper

Tesco, through decades of development, is now recognized as a key player in the United Kingdom in the food retail industry. Its position in the industry can be surmised through the fact that TESCO is the third largest company in the global food retail industry. TESCO began operations in 1931 as a conventional retailer. TESCO served to refine the approach that is commonly referred to as the pile it high, sell it cheap approach (Shaffer, Gottlieb, Zajfen, Vallianatos, Nyberg and Dreier 2007).

Over time, TESCO has chosen to engage in diversifying its operations and the nature of its operations. TESCO has now gone beyond merely food retailing and has also established a strong online presence. Examples include gasoline, garments, internet services, electronics and other non-food products and services. Such high levels of diversity have led TESCO to establish an exceptionally strong supply chain. The US market for the food retail industry is currently experiencing implications as a result of the widening of income gaps and poor diet. As food safety is becoming questionable, so is environmental degradation. In times like these, TESCO’s entry into the US market holds a considerable degree of significance. Before proceeding to elaborate on TESCO’s expansion into the US, it is imperative to highlight that this is not TESCO’s first expansion.

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