Thesis: Introduction to Virgin Atlantic Airways

Sample Thesis Paper

Virgin Atlantic Airways is a subsidiary of the Virgin Group. It is a UK based Airline and its Headquarters is located in the West Sussex. Virgin Airways is better known for its high class services across the globe. It serves 22 destinations and it has won many awards in their field of Aviation. It is a leading multinational corporation in the world.

It is one of the largest Airlines who started its services for the North Atlantic. It is a customer driven airline which has a great emphasis on the satisfaction of its customers through fun and quality with a great deal of money. Every organization has some objectives and goals which lead it toward the path of success which are VMV of any organization without the VMV no organization can sustain and compete with other rivals, so the VMV should have significant impact on the organizational goals. It’s Vision, Mission and Values which bring it to that level of success among all competitors are written below (Lundstorm, 2010).

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