Thesis: Getting Involved

Sample Thesis Paper

Movements are more than ideologies shared by individuals; they are a force behind true and tangible change in society. Whether those changes have a positive or negative effect on the rest of humanity depends not only on the intentions of the people leading the movement, but also on the individuals who support it. People can become involved in movements on all levels depending on their commitment to the cause. They can become be financial supporters, volunteers who hand out fliers and recruit people or they can even manage the system which runs the movement. It all depended on how much they believe in the movement and how much they are willing to contribute to it. The movement in turn offers these people psychological empowerment which differing across individuals and movements is a real effect of participation (Zimmerman, 2006).

According to Doug McAdam that any previous ties an individual has to an organization no matter how minor plays an important part in the recruitment of that individual. However, this factor is not absolute and there are other considerations which play into why people would join movement. According to Florence Passy the three main factors which do just that are three main fundamentals of any networks namely socialization, structural connection and decision shaping. In many ways these movements function only by having ties to other movements and making use of resources they gain from them (Toussaint, 2008).

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