Thesis: IPO of Tesla Motors

Sample Thesis Paper

Tesla Motors recently had an IPO. It is a company based in the United States which manufactures electric cars for personal use. Its models have been some of the first in such wide use in the public as the need for alternatives to petroleum guzzling cars is realized.

The company is still in its development stages as it seeks to improve its vehicles and launch newer models which are why it has only posted profit in one fiscal year since its existence (Squatriglia, 2010). This is accounted for by the research and development expenditure, for which the company needs cash. The IPO was carried out in a bid to raise that much needed cash in order to bring cars to production at a later stage. It is predicted to be successful in the future once the development stage is crossed, as illustrated by the IPO which saw shares sold at $16, open in the market at $17 and then rise 41% to close at $23.89 per share. The market obviously thinks well of this IPO given that the rise was achieved despite the NASDAQ index falling 3.85% and the Dow Index falling 2.65% in the same period (Squatriglia, 2010).

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