Thesis: Ishmael as a Messenger of God in Islam

Sample Thesis Paper

If one was to delve into the representation that is given to Ishmael in the Quran, one can come across references that state that Ishmael was a man who shared an inspiration and a depth in his faith that only Noah before him possessed. According to Islam, Abraham conceives a son with Sarah’s maidservant Hagar when Sarah was found to be unable to conceive a child for him. However, after a few years, God’s miracle happens and Sarah gives birth to her son, Isaac (Islam 101). Islam not only gives a significant degree of importance to Ishmael but also gives an equal degree of significance to Hagar, perhaps because of their contribution towards the establishment of the founding moments of the religion with regard to Abraham. Also according to Islam, Ishmael reunites with his father and together he and his father set out to build Mecca on God’s command to do so and it is at this monumental moment in the history of Islam that they pray to God to bless them with a descendent who can serve God and make God more happy than any man ever has.

For the same reasons, Islam regards Ishmael as a messenger of God who God appoints as His prophet to spread the message of Islam amongst the people of that time. Together, along with his father, Ishmael built the sacred Muslim building that is referred to as the Kaaba and is a part of the annual Muslim pilgrimage that is commonly referred to as Hajj in Islam. Hajj is considered to be the most significant of Muslim worships and a large part of the pilgrimage centers on the life of Hagar and the Kaaba that was built by Ishmael and Abraham. We can therefore conclude that Ishmael plays a key role in Islamic teachings and the formation of some of the founding rituals and cultures of Islam.

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