Thesis: Who was Ishmael

Sample Thesis Paper

Ishmael is one of the key people in the history of the Islamic and the Christian religion. The following paragraphs shall shed light on Ishmael as he has been presented in the Hebrew Bible and the Holy Book of Islam, the Quran. The paper shall begin by presenting the picture of Ishmael and his origins as is presented by the Hebrew Bible and shall proceed to elaborate upon the picture of Ishmael that is painted in Islam and the relevance of Ishmael and his life to the teachings and fundamentals of Islam.
If one was to follow the Hebrew bible when studying Ishmael’s account, we would find that the Hebrew Bible tells us that Abraham’s wife Sarah did not have any children to call her own, yet she desired to have a son with all her heart. In order to satisfy her desire to have a son who she could call her own, she decided to offer her maidservant to Abraham as a surrogate. Her maid servant was Hagar, and the customs and traditions of the time dictated that any child who is conceived by Hagar and Abraham will belong rightfully to Sarah and Abraham.
However, when Hagar became pregnant, she became happy and proud of herself. This served to anger Sarah who became harsh in her heart towards Hagar and began to ill-treat Hagar. Fearing for her life and for the life of her child, Hagar ran from Sarah and fled as far as she could into the wilderness. It was at this point that an angel from God came to Hagar as she sat by a spring of water. The angel told Hagar to go back to where she had fled from and to be strong, for if she chose to be strong, God would bless her with more descendants than she expected and one of them would be her son Ishmael. The angle also told her that Ishmael would grow up to become an outcast of sorts who would spend a large part of his life in constant struggle with the world around him.

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