Thesis: What Does Islam say about Terrorism

Sample Thesis Paper

The book, A brief illustrated guide to Islam, can be considered to be a concise presentation of one of the most prominent schools of thought regarding terrorism in Islam (Ibrahim). According to the author, there is no sense in blaming Islam for the terrorism. The author argues his standpoint using verses from the Quran that denounce the action of causing pain to any living entity, man or animal.

Under the heading: What does Islam say about Terrorism? in chapter 3 of the book, Ibrahim brings to light verses from the Quran that show how Islam has always condemned acts of violence and prohibited its soldiers from engaging or participating in them. Ibrahim elaborates upon the fact that the instruction to be kind, merciful and loving is not only meant to be exercised upon one’s fellow man but also upon all life forms that God has created. Ibrahim draws his inference from the sacred verses of Islam and concludes that it is unjustified to refer to Islam as a terrorist religion or to the teachings of Islam as those that encourage acts of violence that can be classified as terrorism.

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