Thesis: Islamic calligraphy on Mosque

Sample Thesis Paper

The Islamic calligraphy was also visible inside the mosque. It has been used to write popular verses from the Holy Scripture of the Muslims-The Quran. The Quran was also placed on the shelves for the visitors of the mosque to recite. There was no furniture in the mosque.

This is the way mosques are built all over the world. Worshippers are expected to sit on the floor which is carpeted. The words ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad’ were clearly visible on top of the mosque’s wall in Arabic. Other than this, prayer timings and other important religious notices were also put for the guidance of the visitors. Another very important thing about the mosque is that there is no compulsion on women to come for prayers to the mosque. Some mosques do not even have space for women. In case women want to offer prayers, they are supposed to pray in a segregated area and not with the men. Men are required to come and pray regularly.

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