Thesis: Islamic Practices in Mosque

Sample Thesis Paper

The visiting Muslims also recite the Quran before or after the prayers. Apart from these prayers performed five times a day, visitors also come to the mosque to learn how to read the Holy Scripture and to get answers to their religious problems. A thing that struck me was that the people were unusually quiet during their stay at the mosque.

Upon inquiring, I found that the visitors are required to avoid discussing worldly matters and are expected to concentrate on communicating with God. A special prayer takes place on Friday afternoons which is attended by a large Muslim population of Florida, which is almost ten times the daily attendance. Apart from these routine rituals and practices, the mosque is also used for marriage ceremonies, funeral services and lectures on issues related to Islam.

The Muslims in South Florida celebrate several religious festivals and occasions. All of these events are observed according to the lunar calendar. In the ninth month of the lunar calendar, the Muslims of Florida, just like Muslims all over the world, observe the month of Ramadan.

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