Thesis: Israeli-Palestinian conflict with neighboring countries

Sample Thesis Paper

It is hardly surprising that the long and bloody history of the Palestinian and the Israeli people is also linked to the conflict that Israel has with its neighboring countries. Before we understand the current status of these countries in relation to the conflict, it is important to first know the history between these regions. This long history of bloodshed has lasted more than half a century starting from 1948 when the British Mandate of Palestine ended and Israel declared its independence. Using the two state solution declared by the United Nations, the Jewish State of Israel was founded.

On May 14th the armies of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan invaded the country starting the Arab-Israeli War which the Israeliā€™s eventually won. They also gained the area of what is now called the Sinai peninsula, Gaza strip West Bank in the Six Day War against Egypt in 1967. The next major war between Egypt and the Syrians against the Israeli forces was during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. The Israelis eventually returned the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt after a peace treaty was signed in 1979. This was followed by a peace treaty from Jordan in 1994. This essay will discuss how the conflicts between the Palestinians and Israelis affect the neighboring countries of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan (MidEastWeb).

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