Thesis: Israel-Palestine Conflict

Sample Thesis Paper

According to a survey conducted in 2001 around 70% of all Palestinians living on the west bank and Gaza strip who have various levels of religiousness support a peaceful resolution with Israel (Rotberg p.187, 2006). Three other studies conducted by Mahmoud Miari in 1997, 2001 and 2006 showed that the preferred solution by the Palestinians living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is the creation of an Islamic State in Palestine. While the second most solution is the creation of an independent state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, according to the 1967 treaty borders (Birzeit University, 2007). However there are constant shouts of blame from sides of the conflict with the Israelis saying that Hamas provokes it response by attacking Israeli citizens and then using its own people as shields and the Palestinians saying that Israel uses excessive force and does not take civilian lives into consideration (Laub, 2009). A public opinion poll by the Israel/Palestine Center for Research found that the greatest barriers to the peace process for Israel are lack of trust in the Palestinian goals and capabilities to be peaceful neighbors. 62% of them believe that Palestinians want the area encompassing Jordan to the sea. 56 % believe that Palestinians want it to be a Jew free state. Only 33% believe that Palestinians want a state ahead of the Green Line territories (Baskin, 2007).

63% believe that only a few Palestinians are willing to make sacrifices to achieve peace compared to 35% who believed they could. 30% of them believed that they would make no concession to achieve peace while 8% of them thought they would. 43% believed if they could reach an agreement Palestinians could be peace partners while 56.2% believed they could not. While on the Palestinian side 70% said they are fearful about the process of peace while 27% are hopeful. The study also shows that Israelis are willing to change their attitudes towards the Palestinians if they could prove they want peace and make a few compromises (Baskin, 2007).

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