Thesis: Jordan Israel Relations

Sample Thesis Paper

Another country that has been affected by this war is Syria. Syria has been bombed by Israel for several years with the latest bombing on September 6, 2007 on an eastern Syrian complex that was alleged to be a nuclear reactor built with the aid of the North Koreans. However, in 2008 the Syrian President Bshar Al Assad said that peace between Syria and Israel was being actively pursued. Israel has responded favorably to a peace treaty saying that they would be willing to withdraw from Golan Heights as a part of it (The New York Times ).

The situation in Jordan however is somewhat different from the other countries mentioned. Unlike other countries Jordan has enjoyed a good relationship with Israel since it signed a peace treaty with it in 1994. Growths of practical trade, economic co-operation and tourism have brought great benefits to the Jordanian economy (APS Diplomat). However, with the increasing violence against the Palestinian people the Jordanians also have to deal with hundreds of thousands of refugees who seek to gain access to Jordan especially from the West Bank. Additionally there are political factions in Jordan which see the 1994 peace treaty as a mistake giving power in the country to organizations such as Hamas. In response to this the Jordanian monarchy has taken measures to still the voice of these organizations and calm dissent among the populace. However, the continuing dissent from governmental ranks has shown that they are not immune to the effects of the Palestinian Conflict (APS Diplomat).

It is not difficult to see how the history of the conflict in the region has shaped the futures of the countries in question. No doubt with the continuing hostilities between the two sides the region will continue to evolve and change. What it will change into is what all are waiting to see.

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