Thesis: Jordan River Foundation

Sample Thesis Paper

One of her first before she became princess was to start the Jordan River Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental Organization which started in December 1995 in Amman, Jordan. The foundation is responsible for the empowerment of women and children in society so that they may improve their quality of life and subsequently their future. Their main goal is to aid in the development of a self sustaining social, economic and cultural Jordan by meeting people needs and focusing on -their priorities. They do so by providing micro-financing to low income families and develop income generating initiatives (

Queen Rania is the Chairperson of this project and oversees all aspects of its development. They are responsible for raising funds, putting on special and annual functions, ensuring that the organization is financially and ethically sound as well as ensuring that all financial activities of this organization are completely transparent.

One of the company’s first major projects was known as the Bani Hamida Project.  This project was created to help the women situated in the Bani Hamida Mountain situated in the Madaba Governate. This part of the Madaba Governate suffers from mass unemployment and poverty. The project was originally founded by the Save the Children Federation in 1985 and eventually merged with the Jordan River Foundation. The Bani Hamida weaving project was created to keep the art of weaving in this area alive by promoting their rug weaving practices and eventually create economic opportunities for the women living there so that they may become self-sufficient and improve conditions in the region. They are continuously working to expand the number of people who can benefit from this project (Jordan River Project).

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