Thesis: Keeping the momentum in Stem Cell Research

Sample Thesis Paper

The article Two Steps Forward: Keeping the momentum in Stem Cell Research and deals with perhaps some of the fundamental issues that are responsible for the development of the study into stem cells. The article in essence, refers to the reasons because of which stem cell research has been developing ever so rapidly and has accelerated in its research findings after the turn of the century.

The authors initiate by mentioning the slightly uncomfortable yet true fact that scientific research has always had to rely on political dimensions in order to sustain itself and to develop itself over time (Palaganas and Civin). The authors are clear when they mention that this reliance on politics has never been one that has only recently taken root but is in fact one that has been going on for as long as there has been the combined presence of politics and science in society. The authors go on to state that this reliance is one that has no doubt held on to the reigns of the consistency with which scientific research has moved on with, particularly in the area of Stem Cell research, however, as time has passed, this reliance has begun to show implications that lead one to conclude otherwise. The authors go on to show how developments are occurring as rapidly as ever in the world of Stem Cell research, and they prove their point by highlighting the fact that research in to Stem Cells is not an area that is being contributed to by any individual region but is benefiting from contributions being made from around the world.

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