Thesis: Keeping the Momentum in Stem Cell Research

Sample Thesis Paper

We can conclude from the discussion above that although science has always been one of the few areas where man has chosen to tread softly yet actively, if there was ever an area of research where man was required to proceed with the utmost caution, it is the study of stem cells and the regulations that are implemented upon it. It would not be unjustified to concur that if the appropriate regulatory framework was not established, there is a fairly good chance that contributions made to the field of study will eventually cause the creation of conflicts amongst the scientific community and it can be therefore speculated that these conflicts will serve no purpose other than to hinder research and development into stem cell research.  It is necessary to highlight here that the purpose of the extensive research into Stem Cells remains the overall benefit of patients around the world and at no point in time should this particular purpose be forgotten during the research into the same.4

After having gone through the article: Two Steps Forward: Keeping the momentum in Stem Cell Research, one cannot help but feel that the course was more than helpful in the development of the understanding that allowed me to comprehend a matter of such a sensitive nature. Even more so important is the fact that the study into the area of the subject was more than simply thought provoking but extremely encouraging since the overall compulsion after having done so was to delve all the more deeper into the subject and to acquire knowledge that could open new horizons for me. My thirst to attain more knowledge and to become well versed in the field of stem cell research is active now as it ever was and it is for the same reason that I believe that there is no reason to doubt that the course has done the job it was designed to and has been one of the most beneficial of courses I have had the privilege of taking.

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