Thesis: Mr. Kent’s work on Julius Caesar

Sample Thesis Paper

Mr. Kent’s work is certainly a much simpler account of Caesar’s life and his times, with him choosing to build his book around the more generally accepted facts about the man’s life and his many achievements.

Choosing not to confuse his readers in the complex interplay of actors and forces that marked the transition of the Roman republic into imperial Rome, instead of concentrating on those turbulent times, Kent chooses to concentrate on the man, Julius Caesar, who was at the helm of the affairs at that time.  The idea is to understand Caesar’s time through his actions and their consequences.

As stated earlier, the book is certainly not a work of historical fiction and Mr. Kent has, therefore, done his best to make sure that the book is not viewed as such.  While the language used in the book is plain and simple to understand, he frequently refers to the works of other modern writers as well as ancient historians to support his arguments.  Once again, keeping in mind the intended audience, while the book is not loaded with footnotes and bibliography pages, it is as historically accurate as possible with the author occasionally relying upon archeological evidence and modern-day examples to make his point.

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