Thesis: Key aspects of Value Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

The value chain management integrates all the necessary parts of the organization that is the reason why managers stresses a lot on managing the value chain in an effective and an efficient manner. These aspects if implemented properly would benefit the organization and organization can create a sustainable competitive advantage. If certain elements of the value chain are managed efficiently then it can produce favorable results for the organization (Blanchard 2006). Certain key elements of value chain management are discussed below:

  • Integrated supply chain scheduling and planning
  • Cycle-time responsiveness
  • Full resource management
  • Information integration
  • Chain-wide resource optimization

Integrated supply chain scheduling and planning

Managing the supply chain is not a complex task and it is used by many organizations for many years. Certain systems are widely used in the planning phase of supply chain management these systems include Just-in-Time Inventory (JIT), Theory of Constraints (TOC), Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT). These systems have proven their effectiveness for the last 30 years and these systems are currently used technology oriented organizations (Lambert 2008). The scheduling of supply chain activities have also helped the organizations and through finite capacity scheduling (FCS) the planning environments has allowed a optimized approach for managing the time and cost of a certain process. All of these elements combine together to provide an efficient value chain management systems.

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