Thesis: Key Competitive Forces of Bestway Cash & Carry

Sample Thesis Paper

The analysis of key competitive forces shall be carried out through an analysis of Porter’s five forces (Mintzberg Ahlstrand and Lampel 1998).

The threat of substitute products

The threat of substitutes in the case of Bestway Cash & Carry remains high since there are numerous alternates to which consumers can switch in the event that they do not choose to try another wholesaler. Considering the fact that merchandise bought by the consumers of stores such as Bestway Cash & Carry is generally bought in bulk, consumers become all the more conscious of the purchase and choose to remain critical about the characteristics of the bought products.

The threat of substitute products is one that is also influenced by the availability of substitute products in the case of Bestway Cash and Carry. This is because of the fact that the threat of substitutes becomes essentially minimal in cases where Bestway Cash & Carry is operating and no key competitors are present.

It is significant to highlight at this point that on a micro level, since Bestway Cash & Carry has countless products on its shelves at any given time, it is able to cater to all consumer preferences and in the event that a consumer chose to switch from one brand to another, Bestway Cash & Carry has the comfort of knowing that the change in preference will not have an implication on the revenue generated.

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