Thesis: Key Constituents of Deficit faced by US Economy

Sample Thesis Paper

The key constituent of this deficit faced by the US economy is not only the actions of the US economy alone, but a major part is also held by the influences casted by the Asian economy. The fact of the matter is that the deficit faced by the US economy also reflects in the Chinese scenario. One cannot help but notice that the Chinese economy and petroleum exporting giants form a large part of the equation that has brought the current global macroeconomic situation to its current standing. Even more vital is the degree of understanding that is given to the key factors that exist between the lines. These being the fixed exchange rate policy and the sterilization of the influx of capital that followed with the high magnitude of external surplus.

If an investigation was to be made into the amount of capital that US firms have borrowed from non US sources, the amount obtained would be staggering. This fact can be deduced in light of the vast implications that the recession in the US economy has had upon the global economy on a macro level. In this perspective, the role of European and Japanese economies has been highlighted to be highly useful in determining exactly what route and how much time the reinstating of global economic balance will take.

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