Thesis: Key Factors that Influence Brand Commitment

Sample Thesis Paper

Fournier (1998) suggested that the degree to which a consumer is committed or tied to a brand is established by more than the experience that a consumer has with the brand such as culture, social networks and the like. However the user’s experience remains a key factor nonetheless. Mick and Buhl (1992) further elaborate on this perspective when they state that the development of brand commitment goes beyond influences by factors such as social networks and cultures and is actually based on two fundamental elements. They assert that brand commitment is influenced the most by circumstantial events and user experiences. In this regard, they state that situations in which consumers find themselves continue to vary and therefore have a varying affect on the brand commitment that consumers harbor.

Raju, Unnava, & Montgomery (2009) believe that once a consumer becomes committed to a brand, any marketing and promotion that attempts to denounce the brand or attempts to discourage the consumption of the brand is taken negatively by consumers and it therefore only serves to reinforce the commitment that consumers have towards that brand.

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