Thesis: Key Financial Indicators

Sample Thesis Paper

The key financial indicators regarding the financial health of a company are obtained and presented by companies in their financial statements. However, there are of no or less meaning to the users of these financial statements if the users of this information do not have the understanding of ways by which these key indicators are calculated.  The financial ratio analysis is considered to be one of the most commonly used tools for estimating and analysing companies’ performance.

The financial position of a company at any time could be easily compared with its previous years’ performances or budgeted estimations or even with other companies and industry benchmarks via financial ratio analysis. The subject of financial ratio analysis and its impact had been part of the various studies and researches. These studies have suggested different ratios and their implications for businesses under review. However, this type of analysis has its benefits and drawbacks which are clearly set out the current research.  The current study is based on a case of Muslim Commercial Bank, a private bank based in Pakistan. The bank’s financial position would be assessed using ratio analysis and conclusions regarding the impact of such analysis on financial decision would be made using different perspectives i.e. internal and external and Likert modelling will be used for drawing results from primary source i.e. questionnaire. The results of this analysis of MCB would be compared with its competitor bank that is Habib Bank Limited and ratio analysis results would then be tested for stock price movements in the Karachi Stock Exchange for both banks. The research report would conclude with assigning the degree of importance to financial ratio analysis for both internal and external users and relevance of results from financial ratio analysis with those from capital market would be established.

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