Thesis: Kickbacks and Ethics

Sample Thesis Paper

The practice of kickbacks can be addressed from many angles. The first change needs to be made within the company. There needs to be effort to create a certain ethical environment so that the employees are aware of their responsibilities and that Great Builds expects them to keep certain ethical principles in mind.

This requires clearly stating the values of the company by creating a required code of conduct which is preached to the employees. This should be distributed in booklets, put up on plaques and its enforcement stressed on in company meetings and retreats. Even the recruitment program should involve the code of conduct and screen the new recruits to make sure they are conducive to the ethical environment the company wants to create. This would itself weed out practices that harm people and the society that the company carries on transactions with by making the employees consider the impact of their actions and whether they maximize the overall good to the company and the society. The objective here is to ingrain the ethical conduct in the culture of the organization so that its character is altered and the company’s employees exude a sense of care in their dealings as well.

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