Thesis: King Henry’s Rule

Sample Thesis Paper

The forced exile, the obvious persecution and the tyranny of power are the obvious flaws in the government of King Henry a once comrade, now turned enemy of Becket. The universality of these flaws is seen in the weakness of not only the individual falling prey to power, but to an entire society submitting its will to a monarch or a ruler, based on automated reflexes and not cognizance.

Beckett’s role emphasizes this for his society, the people around him that it must not be assumed that the King is the Supremacy. It is the law of God that is to direct the King, who in turn directs his subjects. Beckett’s lines “But if you kill me, I shall rise from my tomb to submit my cause before God’s throne” (Eliot, p. 66) plainly speak of this theme. He submits himself to God’s will and purports all his energy and life’s work into the singular effort he puts against the monarch.

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