Thesis: Korea as the Second Largest Exporter of Cellular Phones

Sample Thesis Paper

According to (The Korean Culture and Information Service 2009), Korea comes across as the second largest exporter of cellular phones in the world and exported cellular phones worth US$29 billion in the year 2007. Products made by Korean cellular phone manufacturers experience favourable demand around the world and are known for their high-resolution cameras, high-tech screens and user-friendly interfaces.

Innovation in technology has brought forth numerous contributions the way that the modern day man lives in society. Of these numerous contributions, perhaps the most profound implications on everyday life have come forth as a result of the development of the mobile phone. The mobile phone has taken the digital era to new heights by serving as a new horizon altogether. While Samsung Mobile, LG Electronics, Motorola and Nokia hold leading positions in the global mobile phone industry, numerous other cellular phone manufacturers and cellular service provider come together to form the one industry that ties the world together through unhindered communication.

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