Thesis: Why Korean Mobile Phone Companies are Successful

Sample Thesis Paper

It was observed through this study that the key reason because of which Korean Mobile Phone companies have managed to acquire success in the international market is technological innovation. It was observed through the literature review and the primary findings that consumers give a considerable degree of attention to the functionalities that a cell phone incorporates and consumers demands addition functions that are customizable and of an easy-to-use nature in their functioning. It is evident that the extensive engagement in research and development in CDMA technology carried out in the Korean Mobile Phone industry allowed the industry to acquire a competitive edge in the global mobile phone industry. This edge later translated into the ability of manufacturing advanced mobile phones.

With regard to the particular success factors that dictated the success of Samsung and LG in the international market, it was observed that Samsung and LG have succeeded in provided consumers with reasonably priced stylish phones that provide users with the additional features that they demand. It was also observed that Samsung and LG both engage in extensive promotional activities which came forth as a factor of undeniable importance for both companies.

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