Thesis: Korea’s Mobile Phone Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Background

The mobile phone industry is one that has become one of the world’s leading industries with the passage of time. The transformation from Non-digital to digital devices has paved the way for the industry to realize its limitless potential. Proof of this realization can be found in the widespread acknowledgment and usage of third generation devices for their integration of broadband services. One cannot ignore the fact that the mobile phone industry is one that owes its growth to multiple factors such as software development and the additional accessories offered in a device. The development in technology has allowed for an equivalent degree of development to take place in the area of these multiple factors.

As a result, mobile phones have now acquired positions in everyday lives where they resemble a personal computer more than a wireless cellular communication device. The mobile phone is no longer limited in its use to a communication device but has taken on the form of a communication device where every development in microprocessor technology allows more room to be created for new products and services in a cellular phone. An example of this fact can be found in the Smartphone that provide users with the capability to make use of extensive information based services. Combined with high resolution cameras, touch screen interfaces, advanced diverse multimedia support and an increasing quality level of internet connectivity, cellular phones are now more productive than they ever were before.

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