Thesis: Kurt Lewin’s Model of Change

Sample Thesis Paper

The above elaboration on Kurt Lewin’s model of change makes it apparent that the model regards change as a process that is generally brought about as a result of intended instigation and is not one that normally takes place as a result of the natural consequences of evolving norms. However, when considered within the frame of reference of an academic institution, it is imperative to note that change is steady and exists is often regarded to exist in the form of a norm.

In an academic institute, this model of change can be implemented by motivating employees in a manner such that they begin to demand the decreasing of restraining forces. The employees should be motivated to realize the current state of the institute to be one that is in the need of change and transformation. The views for change can then be brought together to reconcile them with each other and establish upon a multilateral agreement to abolish conformity. However, it is imperative to note that once the system has lost conformity and has moved from one state to another, the need for the reinstating of equilibrium in the new state becomes essential. Unless the system is brought to equilibrium in its changed form, there is a tendency through which employees will attempt to revert back to the original state of the system, causing the system to lose balance. It is therefore essential to formulate policies and establish values that can be trusted to keep the system in the transformed state it has acquired after the change.

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