Thesis: Labor Party Constitutional Reforms

Sample Thesis Paper

The attempts to bring about constitutional reforms in the 1990s were fundamentally an attempt to modernize democracy. Under these reforms, areas such as policy making for the defense, foreign and public services were to be revised. It is essential to note that the labor party has almost always supported constitutional reforms but was faced with having to remain silent in the face of a conservative government (McNaughton, 2003). This would leave the labor party completely deprived of any influence on the political process. It was this exact deprivation from influence on the political process that the constitutional reforms were meant to prevent.

A total of twelve bills were brought forth as parts of the constitutional reforms. These pertained to areas such as devolution, elections, electoral reforms and referendum for London for coming government establishments amongst others (Forman, 2002). Already the campaigning of the reforms had served to bring numerous details about the House of Lords to light. Hereditary peers had been disbanded and independent appointment commissions were put into place to ensure that political patronage was not misused by party leaders (McNaughton, 2003). The constitutional reforms served to bring forth minorities through regional basis and independent crossbenchers were put into place in order to ensure that the balance of power remained in equilibrium across political parties in the house.

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