Thesis: Lack of in-house IT expertise in SMEs

Sample Thesis Paper

The findings from the three case studies from Enterprise Ireland (2003) highlighted the low level of technical / IT expertise among the SMEs. The case study dealing with Company AEI states that the shortage of in-house IT expertise had cost them in terms of time. They stressed the need of investing in at least one IT specialist who could have planned their ERP strategy and draw up detailed specifications for the traceability system which they were planning to install. The case study from Company BEI highlights the similar lack of expertise in process management and software engineering among the firm which affected them in understanding their requirements and selecting the right vendor for the project. There were similar results in Adam and O’ Doherty (2000)’s findings where there was no in-house IS expertise among six of the SMEs and the hiring of staff was very limited once the project started rolling. Similarly, in Enterprise Ireland cases, Company AEI had to hire an IT & e-business manager before the implementation who would manage the technology for the e-business solution and implement the overall software architecture.

However, Adam and O’ Doherty (2000) state that the ERP software may not have a great impact on the IT staff requirements of the organizations and many of the companies are still able to rely on IS service providers for all there IS needs . As per the evidence in Enterprise Ireland (2003)’s cases, this statement could be debatable as there were needs of experienced IT professionals who could assemble the requirements of the company and work out a suitable project plan.

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