Thesis: Launch of Sprite

Sample Thesis Paper

The Sprite brand was launched to cater to the demand of those who wanted to quench their thirst with some soft drink. Similarly, the Winnie the Pooh series was launched for children. This allowed the reach to a wider market segment and therefore increased the penetration of the country as well as sales. The placement of the product, with regards to distribution, is very important for the product nowadays to maintain a competitive advantage.

Where the manager decides to offer the product can be seen to dictate how the other elements of the marketing mix are brought into play and can help further differentiation. For Coca Cola, there has been the advantage of its products being low priced and hence in the range of a majority of the public of different classes. This has allowed it to try and distribute the products in as much of a geographical area as possible so as to increase sales. This has a psychological effect on the consumers as they become more familiar to a product that is available everywhere and may prefer it because of standardized quality and goodwill.

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