Thesis: Leadership of union

Sample Thesis Paper

The leadership of the union may become split, with some groups openly against the company which can be potentially very harmful for the business as previous attempts at internal marketing will all have been compromised. Finally, such problems essentially hamper the purpose unions are formed. They may not necessarily be cost increasing entities for businesses but may actually help in addressing problems of the employees which will ultimately save the company from future regulatory costs, lost workers and possibly increase revenues via elevated productivity coming through a motivated work force (Bratton, 2001).

Another problem is that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has challenged the labor activities of the plant in North Carolina (Maher, 2007). This is action being taken by a regulator which can crucially result in action such as imposition of fines, possible revocation of licenses or invocation of labor laws leading to costly law suits for the company (Bratton, 2001).

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