Thesis: Learning new language

Sample Thesis Paper

Learning a new language is difficult and time consuming. The learner needs to be motivated and committed to overcome the various obstacles that stand in his way. Societal pressure and expectations play an important part in learning a new language within a class room context.

Attachment of social prestige to learning and using a particular language in a social context could stimulate the learner to work harder to acquire language skills. The subject was motivated to enhance his English language skills as it helped in getting his point across to others in Australia and increased his perceived worth in the eyes of his friends and peers. It has been observed that people who use English as a second language show different attitudes towards learning it in a class room setting. Students belonging to countries where English is held in high esteem in a social context but is not the first language, tend to put in extra effort in acquiring and enhancing their English skills as compared to others since this has a direct positive effect on their social standing and self worth. However the importance associated with learning a language in a classroom depends on diverse and competing factors like individual motivation, prior experience with the language, social prestige assigned to the language, self concept, social and familial pressures and scholastic aptitude, gender etc.

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