Thesis: Legal status of abortion

Sample Thesis Paper

There are different laws and regulations about the moral and legal status of abortion which is varied from country to country and there are different social and cultural implications are also involved. (Warren, 1973, p. 126) argued that there can be different situations and problems are involved when someone taken the step to abort their fetus. She argued that it is moral and legal right of every woman to keep that child or abort it.

Moreover, she describes that aborting fetus is not a murder because the child has not been developed and yet not come under the legal and moral status of human being. She raises different points in their study which depicts that for instance if a women is rapped so obviously it is not possible for her to keep that fetus and give him/her a life because there are different social and ethical issues are also involved which prohibits her to take that serious step. Moreover she also describes that if a woman is underage and due to her pre-marital sexual relationship she got pregnant and because of the social issues she doesn’t want to conceive that fetus so it is her legal right to abort that child and this will not come under the conciliation of murder because how can someone call it murder when there is no physical existence of that particular human being and to kill fetus is not a crime and the decision of mother is the primary decision in that particular case. Now the question arises is it really justifiable to kill the life of a human because he/she cannot respond or take action against to save their life? (Noonan & Thomson, 1970, p. 130)[1].

Defining the term “Human”

[1] Cited in Warren

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