Thesis: Lewin’s Model of Change

Sample Thesis Paper

The second stage of the change process take place once the driving forces have been increased by giving way to them through decreased conformity levels in the system in the first stage. This causes the second stage to trigger in which the restraining forces on the system are decreased as a result of increased driving forces and decreased conformity levels to hold the system in equilibrium. The decreased restraining forces eventually cause transformations to take place as a result of the driving forces. During these transformations, the form of the scenario may change. Fundamentally, the system present within the scenario moves from one state to another (Kritsonis, 2005). This transformation of state is the change that is the central subject of Lewin’s model of change. This transformation or change is also often referred to as the movement of the system.

Once the system has moved, the last step comes in the form of the returning of the system to a state of equilibrium. This step comes forth once the desired changes have been brought about and the system is in the position where it was required. At this point, it is natural for new values and traditions to have become integrated into the system (Kritsonis, 2005). The system is brought to a point where the forces that are being subjected upon the system are in equilibrium and eventually reach a state of multilateral conformity. Hence the movement of model comes to a standstill until the next change has to be brought about.

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