Thesis: Towards a More Logical Life

Sample Thesis Paper

In this ever changing technological world more and more people have become prone to living their lives unfulfilled and unhappy trapped in a vicious circle they cannot escape. With society becoming more and more stressful and fast paced it is inevitable that people would have to find ways of coping with the ever increasing pressures of living in one. The focus of my thesis is that an individual can lead a happy life if he follows his primary goals and finds ways of dealing with any extraneous stress.

When we consider the logical path our lives will take we often consider our own characteristic traits as guidelines for deciding our life choices. The choice of not only a suitable profession but also a suitable work environment is essential to not only exploiting our strengths as individuals but to also remain productive members of society. In my life I have made a choice of a major which is related to my dream career. Not only does my major define my interests but the field I have chosen also affords great opportunities for me in terms of job placement and advancement. Many employed personal who I have met in this field during my research told me that the most important part of any task is interest. On reflection I have an enormous amount of interest in this field. It not only affords me a salary that I will require to become successful in a difficult economy. But also affords me time that I can spend with my family and friends. In essence the career I have chosen for myself is perfectly suited to myself interest.

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