Thesis: Logistics Trade Barriers in the European Union

Sample Thesis Paper

In light of the trade logistics barriers that exist in terms of the trading scenario in the European Union, an in-depth understanding can be acquired by referring to a report by the European Commission on freight and logistics in the European Union (Europa).

The report highlights the fact that freight transport and the related logistics are one of the few areas in the European Union that the members of the European Union can help to improve further. In this report, the European Commission has highlighted that the member countries of the European Union need to develop and exercise a uniform approach in order to tackle the trade barriers with regard to logistics that exist. In order for the logistics barriers that are present in the trade within the European Union, it is essential to develop strong trading relationships with the neighboring countries in order to facilitate the discouraging of logistics trade barriers in the European Union. The report stressed on the fact that by doing so a significant number of trading corridors could be opened that would serve to facilitate the eradication of logistics trade barriers in the European Union. The report highlighted that in order to reduce logistics trade barriers further, it is essential to stress upon the development, promotion and implementation of technology and practices that can serve to strengthen the logistical infrastructure of the European Union and can assist firms and businesses in freight management.

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