Thesis: Loosing Job During Recession in Dubai

Sample Thesis Paper

In short we can say that loosing you job in recession periods in Dubai would ruin the personal life of an individual but besides that individual the economy of the whole country would also be dented. According to an estimate around 15% of the tourist visiting UAE have relatives or friends in UAE when those people would leave the country the tourism industry would be daunted because they won’t be coming to the country and hence won’t be spending money in the UAE’s economy so the whole industry which is associated with the tourism activity would get affected.

Dubai’s government restructured its decision making process in order to draw a line between the financial crisis the committee would cover the economic development. As the property market crashed in Dubai in 2008 the neighboring Abu Dhabi aided Dubai with $10 billion to recover from the property slump (Kerr 2010)

If we looks with a broader perspective this recession would hit Dubai more than the western markets. The outflow of people in other words mean outflow of revenues because the expatriates with themselves brings an awful lot of revenue in the shape of their spending, their bank deposits, their sending, income generated from them in the shape of taxes and other utility bills etc. to stop this outflow of people the visa policy should be revised and the contribution that these immigrants are making towards UAE’s economy should be acknowledged or otherwise the consequences would be very hard to face by the locals.

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