Thesis: Love as an Emotion

Sample Thesis Paper

From the above discussion, we can infer that love is a very strong emotion which has a strength that is in direct relation with the purity that it holds. However, it cannot be denied that love has always been one of the few entities that has kept the masses of country wanting to and protesting against wars that are declared by their leaders upon each other. It is a desire to be at peace with one’s self by giving another person a sense of completion, a sense of life.

The various perceptions through which love can be perceived range far beyond infinite. Also, the element of unpredictability that it encompasses makes it highly difficult to define it as well. However, love is given a major position in studies that have to do with the psychological aspects of human nature because of the implications that a person’s emotion of love can have upon the nature of decisions that a person makes as well as the very decision that the person takes.

From this discussion, we can conclude that love is an entity that can be discussed as much as is desired, but the true reality of love will always continue to amaze those who observe it as well as those who experience it. Doctors can continue to define it as a state of mind that makes a person oblivious of reality and poets can continue to define it as an experience that is the simplest and purest there is and yet the most strongest of all emotions. But the fact of the matter remains that love will almost always remain a mystery for man. Love has managed to stay so through centuries and even though countless people have ventured to find out and attempted to explore and define what love exactly is, the fact of the matter is that it will continue to amaze man just as his as consistently done since man was created.

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