Thesis: Love is not an Entity

Sample Thesis Paper

It is necessary to highlight at this point that love is not always neither experienced nor referred to as an entity that yields favorable results for those who choose to follow it.

What comes as ironic about love is that love not only benefits those who experience it but also those who harbor the mere capability of observing it and elaborating upon it. Perhaps the electronic media is one entity that has managed to harness the glamour and charm of love to the maximum extent possible.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that love is an emotion that is based on purity. It has varying levels and various degrees but it does not have various connotations. It is the feeling inside a person’s heart to do something good. It is important to realize that to the person performing the act of kindness, there will be no ulterior motive or desire in the person’s heart and the person will not seek any reward during and after the act of love. We can therefore surmise that love is a feeling the propagates one to perform an act out of the desire to allow somebody to achieve something and this desire is not for one’s self but meant entirely for the other person. On the other hand, it can be just as pure from the heart but born from the desire to have an entity close by simply because it puts one at a certain level of comfort and ease.

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