Thesis: Love and Vertigo-Grace

Sample Thesis Paper

Recurrence of life incidences that surrounded the life of her mother haunts grace, when she goes to Singapore. Grace is a representation of a family member that cannot conform to the reality of her family. She is a member of a family that cannot offer love and passion; she is engulfed in a sea of loneliness and aloofness. By resolving to take her family back to Australia (ibid 140), grace is sure that her family will once be stable and accord the much love she has yearned for in many years.

However, Grace starts to foreshadow her life taking the same path as that of her mother. First she thinks she is in love with a guy whom she just bumped into in a club. After engaging in sex with the guy, the young man only says “it was just a fuck” (ibid 261). It is in this very instance that grace experiences her first sexual encounter with a person of the opposite sex. This encounter devastates Grace, especially after perceiving that love is just but an illusion. Teo’s, story enfolds by Grace being a promiscuous and another victim of social ills in the society. The story is a narration of how family values are degraded. The story is an example of a family that is dispersed, has no love, a family haunted by feminine abuse and male chauvinism.

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