Thesis: Not lowering the legal drinking age to 18‏

Sample Thesis Paper

A young boy was driving very precariously. So much so that he had a brutal accident in which his car rolled over nearly half a dozen times until it finally landed upside down on the side of the road. A passing motorist stops and after having dragged the driver out from the wreckage, asks him, Why in God’s name were you driving so insanely?!?! Are you drunk?!?! To which the injured boy replied, Of course I am! What do you think I am, a stunt driver!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am <Student’s Name>, and in the few minutes that will follow, I will prove to you why the legal drinking age should not be brought down to 18 under any circumstances.

Support 21 notes and I agree with the stance that the number of drink-&-drive fatalities has decreased marginally since the minimum drinking age was brought to 21. Statistics by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis come as proof of the fact that setting the minimum drinking age to 21 was the right decision. Statistics have shown that minimum drinking age laws have saved tens of thousands of lives since 1975.

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