Thesis: Macintosh Apple logo

Sample Thesis Paper

Apple Computer, Inc was established in Cupertino, California on April 1st 1976. In 1984 under the leadership of Steve Jobs Apple launched the Macintosh computer into the American market. It sported Rainbow Apple as its logo. This logo replaced Apple’s original Logo is Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree in 1977. Originally Rob Janoff created several new logos for the company, all of which were monochromatic. Steve Jobs loved the concept of the bitten apple but was adamant that the use of color was essential to humanize the company. Thus, the rainbow apple logo was created (Rodbard, 2009).

When we consider the image of the company this Logo expresses, we find that the bite design of the apple logo successfully conveys the name of the company. While the rainbow design shows the colors of the spectrum in the wrong order giving the viewer the sense that not only is this company brimming with fresh and unique ideas with sophistication and technology differentiating it from any other company.

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