Thesis: Maintaining Lifestyle

Sample Thesis Paper

Another method is employing regular cycles of walking or jogging. This can be a good way to both socialize with friends over a summer job as well as maintain good health by rounds of a nice and green park. It can not only help burn those extra calories but also helps regulate the schedule during a day as one has to plan and take time out in a day for a treadmill or to a jogging track. This can be augmented with the use of a walkman to make the activity less monotonous and listen to one’s favorite tunes while maintaining good health.

If one prefers to build or maintain muscular strength and get out a body shape, then weight training is the ideal pursuit. It can help build muscle mass and strength while making a person feel mentally good about the activity. At the end of the spring holidays, not only does a person feel good about retaining health, there is also the added incentive of having a body shape to boast about and muscular brawn to show for it. This is also helped by the presence of friends or colleagues at a gym where socialization can take place side by side.

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