Thesis: Making an IT Impact

Sample Thesis Paper


“The world is undergoing a major social and economic change, a Second Industrial Revolution, through the new information-processing technology of communications and computers” (Forester, 1985).

As is apparent from the above statement and the times in which it was stated, IT was previously considered to be pertaining to only computers and communications. In modern day times however, information technology has taken on a completely new meaning through which it now contributes to all walks of life, professional or personal (Allen & Morton, 1994). In terms of the contributions of Information Technology to businesses and the manner in which they function, the change that has been brought about over the last few years can be observed from the fact that there are now an almost infinite number of courses and training sessions available that seek to assist the modern day manager in taking advantage of Information Technology (Tatnall, Osorio, & Visscher, 2005). Information Technology has allowed work domains to undergo significant positive changes by equipping them with methods and techniques to not only assess their own standing but also to make rapid corrections and modifications to ensure that the misdirection does not remain for long.

This paper shall attempt to develop an understanding of how IT can bring about a change in work domains through smart phone applications. The paper shall analyze the manner in which nine smart phone applications can influence work domains and contribute to the development of professional effectiveness and efficiency in the same.

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