Thesis: Making Work Pay

Sample Thesis Paper

First, government wants to put in $1 billion in five years time to assist low-income Americans to survive. Legal authorities also aim to provide amount of five hundred dollars Making Work Pay tax acknowledgment to counterbalance the tax employees give through each salary.

American law authorities are working to make “Making Work Pay” tax credit of about one thousand dollars each family unit and to remove income tax for elderly who get below 50,000 dollars within a year. To deal with credit card businesses and to restructure laws for bank frauds, current government intends to:1) “Produce a bill for Credit Card rules in order to secure its users from interest charges on fees”;2) “Promote banks to formulate micro finances”;3) “Prohibit administrative additional benefits for insolvent organisations”; and4) Cap payday loans at thirty-five percent”. Currently, America is having conflicts with some of the countries. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are two of the most controversial topics. Also, Russia’s attack of Georgia has come up as a severe threat of protection for America.

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