Thesis: Man’s Pride in Literature

Sample Thesis Paper

It was Hagar’s pride resulting from intense insecurity of herself that failed her in accepting people or having stable friendships with them. As a child she refused to cry when her father whipped her. She did not cry or comfort her son when he leaves for World War I. And she fails to hold close any relationship of any real meaning. She suffers the same fate in the form of Lottie Dreiser.

Born out of wedlock, teased incessantly about it, Lottie Dreiser is Hagar Shipley’s counterpart. It does not highly point towards Lottie’s psychological being, rather depicts Hagar’s perspective regarding Lottie. The novel is narrated in first person, the narrator being Hagar herself, and the immediate impact of Lottie taken by the reader through Hagar’s eyes is of an inferior nature and an unacceptable force to Hagar. As a child, Lottie had been called “No-Name” because she had been born out of wedlock. Hagar looked down upon her with great disdain and described her as “light as an eggshell herself, and I felt surly toward her littleness and pale fine hair, for I was tall and sturdy and would have liked to be the opposite” (Laurence, p. 27).

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