Thesis: Management Approach by Rural Payments Agency

Sample Thesis Paper

The approach taken by the Rural Payments Agency in the case for the management of the program pertained to managing through governance and program management. The Rural Payments Agency undertook the program management by rationalising the regional offices and the head quarters of the company.

This pertained to changing the structure of the company and its operations in the region that had previously worked in the favour of the company. As work progressed on the SPS system to develop the system, the governance structures in place at the Rural Payments Agency were modified. The modifications took the form of creating new forums and reforming the implementation. This brought together the Defra policy and the specific interests of the RPA delivery. The Defra interests were over seen by the executive review group that was established for program management. This group provided support to the program management for the non executive viewpoint. The company however faced increased problems pertaining to the approach that they had taken to project management. The Rural Payments Agency saw that as the number of work streams were reduced the project management roles were changes and re-established to a group of project management and assurance personnel.

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