Thesis: What is Management

Sample Thesis Paper


Management is basically the process of getting activities done in an effective and efficient way with and through other people (Griffin 2006). There are basically certain functions of management these functions are planning, coordinating, directing organization and etc (Griffin 2006). Effective use of management has helped different organizations to achieve their goals. These organizations implemented different theories of management which has helped them to achieve their strategic, tactical and operational goals. An organization that only relies on theoretical approach and doesn’t stress on practical implications of these theories suffer in the long run.

That’s the reason why organization must apply these management models and they must implement them for the betterment of their organization. There are different phases of management and in the early days Americans believe that management is all about worker productivity and people in France in the early days focus on organizational efficiency and administration (Management Guru 2009). There are different theories of management and these theories have evolved in the past few decades. The theories of management have changed over time and people and organizations have adopted this change in order to pursue better management skills. These theories are discussed below:

Scientific Management Theory

Fredrick Taylor initiated the scientific management theory and he developed a science for each individual. He proposed the idea that every worker must be trained and developed scientifically and all the workers must heartily cooperate with each other. The work must be divided among the workers and equally between managers and workers (University of Toronto 1995).

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