Thesis: Managing the Supply Chain

Sample Thesis Paper

Supply chain management is a growing field of management sciences and it basically involves the management of interconnected businesses that basically involve product and service packages that are required by the end customers (Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky, & Simchi-Levi 2003).  The management of supply chain starts right from the scratch that is from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributers are all involved in the supply chain and all of them, play an important role in managing the supply chain.

Supply chain management is basically an integration of policies and practices among intermediaries, third-party service providers, logistics and etc. Supply chain management is considered as the key to corporate success that is the reason why key business processes are managed effectively through the supply chain (Cranfield University 2009).

Business environments have experienced changes in the 21st century and these changes have contributed a lot in the development of supply chain networks. The supply chain networks have amalgamated different attitudes like joint ventures, globalization and etc. Certain modernized approach of management like ‘Just-in-Time’, ‘business reengineering’ has also influenced the supply chain management systems (Coase, Buckley, & Michie 1996).

As far as the components are concerned there are different components of the supply chain (Lambert 2008). The components of supply chain are work structure, information flow facility structure, culture and attitude, power and leadership structure, product flow facility structure etc.

This classification of supply chain networks doesn’t describe the primary and secondary components of the supply chain, but it’s a viable approach in classifying the main elements of a supply chain network.

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